The conference will consist primarily of invited talks, with a small number of contributed talks. Oral submissions beyond those that can be accommodated in these sessions will be rescheduled as contributed posters. The contributed poster session will last all week.

All events are in Robb Hall at the Hintz Center except where otherwise indicated. Breakfast, coffee, and light snacks will be provided during coffee breaks. Lunch is available at the many downtown eateries in easy walking distance from Robb Hall.

There will be no proceedings. Abstract booklet is available here.

Presentations in PDF formats are available for download (individually linked below). To download the tar file of all presentations(216MB), click here.

Sunday, August 15: Arrival
7:00 Opening reception (@ The Atherton)

    Monday, August 16: Context; Precision limits of PRV measurements

      8:00 Continental Breakfast

        8:45 Introduction: Alex Wolszczan
        9:00 Historical introduction: From Large Velocities to Tiny Accelerations - the Successful Doppler Detection of Exo-Planets: Gordon Walker
        9:30 PRV error budget: Andrew Howard
        10:15 Astrophysical limitations of PRV precision: Debra Fischer

          11:00 Coffee

            11:30 Stellar jitter: Jason Wright
            12:00 Disentangling Stellar Activity and Planetary Signals: Isabelle Boisse

              12:30 Lunch

                2:00 Asteroseismology -- Noise and Signal for PRVs: Ron Gilliland
                2:30 Stellar Magnetic Activity with Kepler: Lucianne Walkowicz
                3:00 Astrophysical noise: long-term effects: Valeri Makarov

                  3:30 Coffee

                    4:00 Long-term Stellar Activity Variations: Impact for the Detection of Other Earths: Nuno Santos
                    4:15 Radial Velocity Stellar Noise and Impact for the Detection of Other Earths: Xavier Dumusque
                    4:30 Future Directions for the Anglo-Australian Planet Search: Chris Tinney
                    4:45 Near-IR Laser Combs and Absorption Gas Cells: Peter Plavchan
                    5:00 NIRSPEC RV Measurements of Late M-Dwarfs: Angelle Tanner

                      8:00 Public Lecture: John Asher Johnson: "Other Worlds" (101 Thomas Building)

                        Tuesday, August 17: Spectrometers: the present and the future

                          8:15 Continental Breakfast

                            9:00 HARPS: Technical artistry to achieve 1 m/s: Christophe Lovis
                            9:30 From HARPS/HARPS-N to ESPRESSO: pushing the limits further: Francesco Pepe
                            10:00 CODEX: Gaspare Lo Curto

                              10:30 Coffee

                                11:00 The Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrograph: Jeff Crane
                                11:30 CHIRON -- A New Planet-Finding Spectrometer: Andrei Tokovinin

                                  12:00 Lunch

                                    1:30 Radial Velocities with CRIRES: Pedro Figueira
                                    2:00 UKIRT Planet Finder: John Barnes
                                    2:30 The Pathfinder NIR Spectrograph on the HET: Suvrath Mahadevan
                                    3:00 The NAHUAL-NIRINTS Project: Eduardo Martin

                                      3:30 Coffee

                                        4:00 CARMENES: Andreas Quirrenbach
                                        4:30 ESPRESSO: A Rocky Exoplanet Hunter at the VLT: Megevand
                                        4:45 PARAS: PRL Advanced Radial-Velocity All-Sky Search: Arbhijit Chakraborty
                                          5:00 Poster presentations

                                            Wednesday, August 18: Hardware: pathways to stability

                                              8:15 Continental Breakfast

                                                9:00 Fibers: an overview: Larry Ramsey
                                                9:30 A Doppler spectrometer behind AO: John Johnson
                                                10:00 Fiber Scrambling at Lick Observatory: Julien Spronck
                                                10:15 Study of Optical Fiber Scrambling to Improve Radial Velocity Measurements: Simulations and Experiments: Bruno Chazelas

                                                  10:30 Coffee

                                                    11:00 Using a Gas Absorption Cell as a Radial Velocity Reference: Jeff Valenti
                                                    11:30 Some Aspects of Calibrating Spectrographs: Florian Kerber

                                                      12:00 Lunch

                                                        1:30 : Thomas Frequency Combs for Astronomy: Thomas Udem
                                                        2:00 Progress toward Laser Calibration of Ultra-Precise Radial Velocity Measurements: Andy Szentgyorgyi
                                                        2:30 An Optical Frequency Comb for High Precsion Radial Velocity Measurements in the Near-IR: Franklyn Quinlan
                                                        2:45 Externally Dispersed Interferometry in the IR with TEDI: Jamie Lloyd

                                                          3:15 Coffee

                                                            3:45 Dispersed Fixed-delay Interferometry for High Precision Doppler Measurements: Jian Ge
                                                            4:15 Advances in Telluric Characterization for Precision Spectroscopy: Chad Bender
                                                            4:45 Radial Velocities Using Telluric Reference Lines at Deep Red and Near Infrared Wavelengths: Cullen Blake

                                                              6:30 Banquet Reception (@ The Atherton)
                                                              7:00 Conference Banquet (@ The Atherton)

                                                                Thursday, August 19: Spectrometers: front-end issues

                                                                  8:15 Continental Breakfast

                                                                    9:00 High Performance Visible and Infrared Sensors for Precise Radial Velocity Measurements: James Beletic
                                                                    10:00 Stability of spectroscopic data reduction:Nikolai Piskunov

                                                                      10:30 Coffee

                                                                        11:00 Spectro-perfectionism and sky subtraction: Adam Bolton

                                                                          11:30 Panel discussion: Debra Fischer

                                                                            12:30 Lunch

                                                                              2:00 Draft recommendations for the NASA/NSF investment in future PRV hardware
                                                                              3:00 Workshop summary: Dave Latham
                                                                              3:30 End of workshop

                                                                                7:00 Conference outing: Baseball game at Medlar Field

                                                                                Contributed Posters

                                                                                Single Gas Absorption Cell for Wavelength Calibration in the H and K bands
                                                                                Guillem Anglada-Escude (Carnegie Institution of Washington), Peter Plavchan, Lisa Prato, Russel White, Steve Osterman, David Ciardi, Chas Beichman

                                                                                Chromospheric Activity of Southern Stars from the Magellan Planet Search Program
                                                                                Pamela Arriagada (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

                                                                                Astro-comb Calibration of the TRES Spectrograph at Visible Wavelengths
                                                                                Andrew Benedick (1), Guoqing Chang(1), Hung-Wen Chen(1), Li-Jin Chen(1)

                                                                                Brown Dwarf Companion Searches with Aperture Masking Interferometry
                                                                                David Bernat (Cornell University)

                                                                                CARMENES: Technical Details
                                                                                Jose A. Caballero (Centro de Astrobiologia, Madrid), A. Quirrenbach, P. J. Amado, H. Mandel, I. Ribas, A. Reiners, R. Mundt et al.

                                                                                Multiple-planet Orbit-fitting with Joint Radial Velocity and Astrometric Data
                                                                                Joseph Catanzarite (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)

                                                                                Search for Gas-Giants Around Late-M Dwarfs
                                                                                Rohit Deshpande (University of Central Florida), E.L.Martin, M.M.Montgomery, F.Rodler, M. Zapatero-Osorio

                                                                                Statistical Analysis of Radial Velocity Systematics with Multi-Object Instruments: A MARVELS Case Study
                                                                                Scott Fleming (University of Florida), Peng Jiang, Brian Lee, Jian Ge, Duy Cuong Nguyen, Bo Ma, Nathan De Lee

                                                                                An R-band Search for Planets around M-dwarfs with Telluric Line Calibration
                                                                                Sara Gettel (Penn State), Alexander Wolszczan, Andrzej Niedzielski, Grzegorz Nowak, Pawel Zielinski, Monika Adamów, Gracjan Maciejewski

                                                                                Refined Transit Predictions Based on Orbital Configurations
                                                                                Matthew J Giguere (Yale University)

                                                                                A PRVS for NASA's ExoPlanet Program?
                                                                                Sara Heap (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)

                                                                                Estimating the Age of Exoplanet Host Stars: Possible Member of the Hyades Supercluster Confirmed by Chemically Tagging
                                                                                David Montes (UCM, Univ. Complutense de Madrid), H.M. Tabernero, J.I. Gonzalez Hernandez, J.A. Caballero

                                                                                Earth-like Planets around M-stars
                                                                                Juan Carlos Morales (Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya), Enrique Herrero (IEEC-UB), Ignasi Ribas (CSIC-IEEC)

                                                                                Spectroscopic Multiplicity of Young Stars: A Study of Chamaeleon I, Taurus-Auriga and Upper Scorpius
                                                                                Duy Cuong Nguyen (1), Alexis Brandeker (2), Ray Jayawardhana (3), Marten van Kerkwijk (3), Jian Ge (1), Bo Ma (1), Ji Wang (1), Peng Jiang (1), Bo Zhao (1), John Groot (1), Scott Powell (1), Frank Varosi (1), Sidney Schofield (1), Steve Osterman (4), Scott Diddams (4), John Bally (5)

                                                                                Precision Limitations of Radial Velocity Measurements of the Active Red Giants in the Penn State-Torun Planet Search
                                                                                Grzegorz Nowak (Torun Centre for Astronomy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University), Niedzielski, A., Wolszczan, A., Zielinski, P., Adamów, M.

                                                                                Finding the Youngest Exoplanets
                                                                                Lisa Prato (Lowell Observatory), C. Crockett, N. Mahmud, C. Johns-Krull, D. Jaffe, P. Hartigan, C. Beichman

                                                                                Uranium-Neon as a Near-Infrared Calibration Source
                                                                                Stephen Redman (PSU), Gillian Nave (NIST), Jim Lawler (University of Wisconsin), Larry Ramsey (PSU), Suvrath Mahadevan (PSU)

                                                                                Radial Velocities with PARAS
                                                                                Arpita Roy (Penn State), Suvrath Mahadevan (Pennsylvania State University), Abhijit Chakraborty, F.M. Pathan, B.G. Anandarao (Physical Research Laboratory).

                                                                                Planets around Evolved Stars
                                                                                Bun'ei Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

                                                                                Preliminary Results from the PTF Orion Planet-Search Program
                                                                                Julian van Eyken (NExScI, Caltech), David Ciardi, Rachael Akeson, Charles Beichman, Andy Boden, Kaspar von Braun, Stephen Kane, Peter Plavchan, Solange Ramírez, (NExScI, Caltech); Luisa Rebull, John Stauffer (Spitzer Science Center, Caltech); and the PTF collaboration

                                                                                Improving RV Precision of HET/HRS
                                                                                Sharon Xuesong Wang (Penn State University), Jason T. Wright

                                                                                Limits on the Hot Jupiter Planet Frequency at 10 Million Years
                                                                                Russel White (Georgia State University), John Bailey, Cullen Blake, Dave Charbonneau, Travis Barman, Angelle Tanner

                                                                                On the Frequency of Jupiter Analogs in the Anglo-Australian Planet Search
                                                                                Rob Wittenmyer (University of New South Wales), C.G. Tinney, S.J. O'Toole, H.R.A. Jones, R.P. Butler, B.D. Carter, J. Bailey

                                                                                Radial Velocity Planets De-aliased
                                                                                Rebekah Dawson (Harvard University), Daniel Fabrycky

                                                                                Consequences of spectrograph illumination for the accuracy of radial-velocimetry
                                                                                I.Boisse, F.Bouchy, B.Chazelas, S.Perruchot, F.Pepe, C.Lovis and G.Hébrard

                                                                                Enabling Precision NIR Radial Velocity Measurements
                                                                                Ryan Terrian, Suvrath Mahadevan

                                                                                Precise infrared radial velocimetry with the triplespec exoplanet discovery instrument: current performance and results
                                                                                Philip S. Muirhead, Jerry Edelstein, James Lloyd


                                                                                Last Edited: 11-August-2010

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